Medical Vendor Reviews

The Application Process

Most healthcare institutions use a 2-step application process. The initial pre-application ensures that the applicant has met the basic qualifications for hire at the institution.

The Pre-Application

The pre-application is a screening process and saves considerable time and resources in identifying individuals who do not even have the minimum requirements for the job. The pre-application usually assesses the following:

  • Having an unrestricted license
  • Any disciplinary actions or sanctions by insurers, hospitals, licensing boards, or professional organizations
  • Presence of any criminal history
  • Is the individual board-certified
  • General health status

Together with the CV, the pre-application is reviewed. If there are any outstanding issues, the applicant must either submit more material or is denied the formal application.

If the healthcare worker is found to have questionable credentials, then he or she must be told in writing that the appropriate board, agencies, or organizations will be contacted for further investigations.

The Formal Application

Once the pre-application meets the minimum requirements for credentialing, the individual is sent a formal application. During the final application, the following are usually evaluated:

  • The applicant should agree to provide continuous care to patients at an acceptable standard of care.
  • The applicant should acknowledge receipt of the hospital bylaws, regulations, rules, and the Code of Conduct. A copy of the bylaws should be signed, dated, and sent back to the credentialing committee.
  • Always have in writing that all credentialed healthcare workers will have access to patient medical records, but the medical records will be randomly audited to assess quality and competence.
  • The healthcare worker should provide information about the health status and vaccination. Most hospitals now mandate that physicians be vaccinated against hepatitis B. Some hospitals even require an annual influenza vaccine.
  • The healthcare worker must submit to a mental and/or physical exam as required by the institution if there is a need. Failure to agree may result in termination or suspension of privileges without a right to a hearing.
  • If the healthcare wants additional privileges, he or she should submit the request in writing.
  • The applicant must sign and agree that all the evidence, information, and diplomas are valid and complete. Any misstatements or omissions may be grounds for immediate termination of privileges or revocation of the application.

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