Medical Vendor Reviews

Red Flags in Credentialing

Credentialing often reveals many things about a healthcare professional’s past. While some of them may be benign events, a significant number of healthcare professionals who apply for credentialing come with questionable papers and inadequate clinical experience. Some of the warning signs include:

  • The reluctance of the applicant to provide permission to contact the previous employer or healthcare institution
  • The reluctance of the application to provide specific references or perhaps the references are too vague
  • Sudden relinquishment of licensure or medical staff membership
  • Sudden loss of privileges in a hospital
  • Marked gaps in clinical practice
  • Short tenure at multiple hospitals
  • An unusually high number of professional liability actions with the final judgment against the practitioner
  • History reveals substance abuse, domestic violence, or unprofessional conduct
  • History of being investigated by the state board of licensure or other healthcare organizations
  • Major gaps in insurance coverage
  • Evidence of poor program evaluations more than once

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